• Initial equipment in the Zirmhof

Moments of Happiness in the Zirmhof

Extras for your accommodation

Are you ever desperate about all the luggage that accumulates for a holiday?  ​ 

Or don't you feel like go shopping for groceries right after your Check-In at your accommodation?  ​ 

We may not be able to solve all the problems in the world, but we can create a feel-good holiday for you.   But now the question arises: What extras can you make happy? Enter your personal moments of happiness at your booking and save yourself a lot of nerves and time. This is our understanding of easiness in the Zirmhof.

Our love for details

Monika Eder

The origin of the products listed above combined with very good quality and the loving arrangement speak for themselves.  ​ 

We are very proud of our homemade jam. For these, the fruits or berries are picked by hand and then processed with a lot of love. You can taste 100% natural with every bite.  So take the opportunity and immerse yourself in our culinary region full of delicacies.