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The Zirmhof and the Joker Card in Saalbach

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Your all-inclusive card for a summer holiday filled with experiences is valid from end of May to mid-October

During your summer holiday at the Zirmhof, you will receive the Joker Card free of charge. The Joker Card includes nearly everything in the glemm valley, such as summer mountain railways in Saalbach Hinterglemm. For hiking enthusiasts, an absolute "must-have" and a gain during your stay.   

At your check-in, everyone receives their personal Joker Card and the most important information about our apartment house. So from your first day of holiday you can use the gondolas to drive to lofty heights and breathe in the healthy alpine air.  But let's find out together what your holiday week at the Zirmhof in Saalbach could look like, and which services are included in the Joker Card:

Day 1 - time to arrive Hopefully you had a relaxed journey so that you can start your holiday in Saalbach immediately with a lot of energy. Use your 1st day to get an overview. You probably have the best view of the entire region on the 12er Kogel, from there you can see all the summer mountain railways, and you can already make plans for the coming days. An additional highlight on the Zwölferkogel: A quick summit climb on the Hoher Penhab at 2,113 m, because this is only about 1 hour away. Don't forget to enter yourself in the summit book;)

Day 2 - Let's get started After a restful night, you will be woken up by the first rays of sun, and you will start the day in a good mood. Today you will see the Glemmtal from the sunny side and of course enjoy it. Take the hiking bus (bus stop is right in front of the house) and travel for free to the center of Saalbach and with the Kohlmaisbahn up to the Kohlmaiskopf. The Kohlmais is an all-rounder and therefore very popular for children, hikers and bikers. You can really do anything here! But today's goal is a hike back to Jausern. This quiet hiking tour in the midst of nature and away from the hustle and bustle leads you over hill and dale as well as through shady forests. If you look closely, you might even find "Moosbeeren" or chanterelles. On your way, you will pass the Thurneralm and continue to the middle station of the Schönleitenbahn. From there the road leads down into the valley to the Zirmhof. The pure walking time for this hike is approx. 3 hours.

Day 3 - where does the sore muscles come from? Yesterday's hike was a bit demanding, and this morning your muscles ache as a reward? Then you should take it a little easier today. My recommendation for today: the Saalbach outdoor pool, Käpt’n Hook. To get some exercise, you won't take the bus to Saalbach, but explore the motor skills path. The beginning is opposite of the Zirmhof, 24 stations long, and ends in Saalbach. Check your skill and balance at various stations. If you want to try out all of the stations, you should plan for this walk around 4 hours. When you arrive at Käpt’n Hook you will find a good division of the outdoor pool. Right at the entrance you find the slides, the non-swimmers' pool and the baby pool with sunbathing areas which are ideal for families. However, if you go further, you will come to the swimmer's pool with massage tables and quieter loungers.

Day 4 - When the weather doesn't cooperate
On days with bad weather conditions, you can really sleep long and start the day relaxed. But even on rainy days you won't get bored in our region. To find out a little more about the history of Saalbach, go to the local history and ski museum. Maybe you discovered it the day before, it's opposite of the Käpt'n Hook. In the Heimathaus you will learn about the history of the steep path from the poor mountain farming village, the construction of the entire infrastructure of today's tourist destination and of course from the first skis in 1898 to the ultra-modern ski area. The weather in the mountains changes quickly, so the clouds clear during your museum visit. Now is definitely not the time to go home! How about mini golf? So it goes on to Hinterglemm, where there is a lovingly designed mini golf course next to the family park. Can you get the ball into the hole in less than 6 strokes?

Day 5 - hike or walk
Today's hike is called the Pinzgauer Spaziergang (Walk), but it has little in common with walking. My tip, use the early ascent to the SchattbergXpress at 7:30 a.m. Be an early bird and enjoy today's hiking tour without hurry. But before the Pinzgauer Spaziergang begins, you have to reach the Westgipfel, either via a small path or the forest road. Then you follow the signs to the Schmittenhöhe and you can decide for yourself which peaks you want to take with you on your hike. The Zirmkogel, our name giver, should definitely be one of them! It is part of the bonus that you can hike for your next holiday at the Zirmhof. Very important, take a photo of you and the summit cross. On your hiking tour, you will get a special view of the Oberpinzgau and the Lake Zell. When you arrive at the Schmittenhöhe, you can choose again: Either take the gondola down and the bus back to the apartment house, or you are still full of energy and hike via the Salersbachköpfl into the valley to Viehhofen. But watch out, despite the help of the gondolas, this hike takes 6 hours and the descent to Viehhofen takes another 3 hours.

Day 6 - time for wellness
Spend a different kind of wellness day on the Reiterkogel. Because up here, it's time to turn off your head and breathe in the forest air. Quite relaxed, of course! In the middle of a 200 years old forest you will find hammocks to relax, a real place to unwind. Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can recharge your batteries. The entrance to the forest wellness is located approx. 300 m above the Reiteralm.

Day 7 - and at the end?
This does not mean the end of your holiday, but the end of the Glemm Valley - the Talschluss. A real paradise that offers a wide variety of activities for outdoor lovers. But you haven't experienced anything important during your stay, living tradition in a rustic alpine hut. Take a quick look around, there is really something going on here. But not too long, because today's goal is the Osmannalm, a small alpine hut at the very end of the Glemmtal, surrounded by untouched nature. On the way, there is an educational hiking trail that will give you a lot of interesting information about our nature. Take the opportunity during a break in the Osmannalm and fill your stomach with local delicacies. This circular hike takes about 3 hours and is a successful end to your holiday.

On the last day it is time to look back which places impressed, relaxed or strengthened you the most. Maybe there are some excursion destinations you didn't see. Feel free to write down these plans for your next holiday, because then it's time to explore more places and try out new activities. But remember: Always have your Joker Card with you.

You can find all included services of the Joker Card on our summer page.